PIECES "Waiting # on my legs"

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This sculpture is part of "Pieces" collection, which is inspired on human feelings and desires and it mix different materials in order to give the sensation of contamination and non integrity.
"Waiting" is made in a series of 10 pieces, each one with different combination of materials , this one has walnut wood in the legs and its title is "Waiting # on my legs"

Collection: Pieces
Title: Waiting # on my legs
Materials: plaster, walnut wood
Dimensions: l 11 cm x d 10 cm x h 33 cm
Weight: 2045 gr
Only for indoor

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Questa scultura è parte della collezione "Pieces", una collezione ispirata a sentimenti e desideri, mette insieme materiali diversi per dare la sensazione della contaminazione e non intergrità.

Collezione: Pieces
Titolo: Waiting # on my legs
Materiali: gesso, legno di noce.
Dimensioni: l 11 cm x p 10 cm x h 33
Peso: 2045 gr

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